Follow The Simple Darts Rules

The rules of darts game are easy and simple. Anyone can master this wonderful game with the proper guidance, practice and time.

Go through the basic darts rules to understand and enjoy the game better:

The darts games can be played individually or between two groups or teams. The teams may consist of two or more players each.

There is a “warm-up” prior to the beginning of the game, where nine throws are permitted for each player. Which team or player goes first is decided in a simple way. The team who manages to get closest to the target or “bull's eye” gets to go first.

Typically, two sets of darts will be thrown. Each player is required to throw all of his three darts. A throwing line is set. No points are counted for a throw if a player’s foot lands over the throwing line or if a player accidentally trips over the line.

Darts are to be left on the board for some time in order to add the after the player's final and finishing throw. If a dart joins into any dart on the board or falls off the board, it will not be counted for the score.

Scores are added according to the darts that stick to the board.

a)Wedge - the number that is displayed
b) Double ring – any number hit by the dart is scored two times.
c) The triple ring – any number hit by the dart scored three times.
d) Bulls eye – twenty-five points.
e) Double bulls eye - fifty points.

The two most popular dart games followed by players are “301” and Cricket.

301 :

The basic darts rules for this game are quite easy to understand. In “301”, each team starts by having 301 points. The purpose of the game is to decrease their score down to zero by throwing darts. Before it can count points, a player should strike a double first. The player’s talent and skill really get tested at the conclusion of the games, when a dart player needs to throw either a “bull's eye” or a double that will decrease the finishing score accurately to zero.

Every game is regarded as one leg. The winner team is the one that wins two from three games played.


This is a more complex game requiring more skills and strategy on throwing. Here, the numbers from fifteen up to twenty and the center or bull's eyes are used mainly. The darts rules are a little complex here, making the game even more excitng.

At the beginning, the team is required to unlock the numbers 15 , 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and bull's eye . In order to open up a number, a dart player or team should be able to score three of a certain number any doubles, singles and triples combination. After opening a certain number, each succeeding score or count on that certain number adds up the total score for the player or team.

The opposite team or player can not gain a score on that certain number but can make an effort to lock if by getting a score of three on that certain number.

In order to open or close the bull's eye or target, the inner is calculated as double and then the outer is calculated as a “single bull”. When all the numbers are closed or locked the game concludes.

We are sure that the different darts rules explained above will help you a lot in enjoying this engrossing game and have more fun.