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A Complete Guide To Dart Boards Game

Darts game is a serious game unlike the impression generally developed in those who take it lightly. Unlike the backgammon game, it is a physical game. It is much more than the act of throwing a few pointed arrows on a dart board. In fact, the dart boards game has become so serious that there are organized groups consisting of professional dart players. Most of these organizations are members of the World Darts Federation (WFD), established in 1976.

There exist around 60 organizations from all around the world that are apart of the WDF. The British Darts Organization (BDO) and Professional Darts Corporation ( PDC) are two best known professional dart games organizations. The darts tournaments are often televised and followed by millions of dart games enthusiasts around the world on television.

Most people don't realize how popular darts board game is. Its popularity has soared with the advent of technology and electronic darts. Today, you'll find dart players all around the world, in every walk of life. Besides developing hand/eye coordination, patience, motor-control, sportsmanship, it is extremely relaxing and fun sport.

The purpose of this site is to provide the guidance and resources for all darts enthusiasts on dart boards game.


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